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The artificial intelligence is the the whole of the theories and approaches used to create machines which would simulate human intelligence. Real spearhead of new technologies, artificial intelligence has become an area of expertise for Bluetree, who wants to be a leader in that discipline. Bluetree’s engineers do everything in order to copy human cognitive behaviors and to add a consistent added value to your developments.

Most of the managers think about AI as a technology among others. AI, is in a lot of comex, told to be a way to increase and improve existing processes, in a remarkable way, but without a true rupture with the existing. However, AI is more than a technology. It is a drastic new way to interact with our environment and consequently to make business.

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Machine learning - data science
Data science is the art to translate industrial, social, scientific issues in problems of quantity modeling that can be solved by data processing algorithms. Our experts will support you in a structured way of thinking, making possible for human problems, technical tools and statistics/algorithmic to meet.
Big data
The volume of data stored in database and to be processed, exponentially increased in the last few years. in order to face these constraints, Bluetree offers you its expertise in Big Data. Our engineers are experienced and well trained with the last technologies: Hadoop, Cassandra, MongoDB, CouchDB, ElasticSearch, Spark, ou encore Kafka, and helps you defining your architecture, your data modeling and finally helps you to implement Big Data in your application and IS.
Pull & push approach
To initiate the big data pump, we use two approaches: Push (start from an issue and gather the data allowing to solve the former), Pull (consider the available data and find solutions to exploit them in an innovative way).

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Big data - Artificial intelligence

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