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To replace the strategy in the heart of the decision-making process and to align operations and finance with strategy means setting up a management by projects and business plans. Can we thus replace the management by budget? It depends on your context: because of necessary trust with the financial partners that implies the management without budget, this one cannot be envisaged for young companies or companies with little experimented the managers. Moreover the management without budget implies that the performance is measured and piloted compared with what succeed in entities facing a similar strategic and economic environment. We accompany you in your business piloting, whatever the way you have chosen, with first rank financial and digital experts.

Business Plan

First step of a project, a business plan is an important stage. Beyond financial results, it has to highlight the key factors of the project and the measures mitigating identified risks, to ease adaptation in an uncertain environment. We intervene either for big corporates, SMEs, investment funds or for start-ups.

Potential of a new activity, resources to mobilize for a project, modalities of financing, analysis of risks related to an activity, steps of implementation to be respected.
The competitive pressure implies a constant renewal of the value proposition. New projects are thus essential to the survival of the company and the Business Plan allows to formalize the stakes of a project to decide a go / no go (opportunity).
Our approach
We have a large experience on the businesses plans for digital activities or start-ups, with specific methodologies to elaborate digital business plan, standards data and ROI, metrics for the robustness of the hypotheses.
We implement, with you, the various necessary streams for your elaboration of the business plan: project and potential market, lean canvas, competition, kinematics of deployment, investments, optimization of costs, financing, operational and financial KPIs, risk.

Who pretends that in the professional life, we take care only of facts, not fictions, has never seen old five years forecasts - Malcom Forbes

Digital budget

The setup of digital budgets is a complex matter, with numerous hypotheses to be considered and a real complexity of the technologies. We arrange technical expertises to define exactly each budget component.

Necessary budget for the launch of an e-commerce activity, optimization of the budgets and distribution between the various channels, technological ramp-up.
To define a course and coherent priorities is a challenge for numerous companies, which the budget can mitigate. To assign means on the key projects, to identify the wrong technological choices, to federate the teams on measurable objectives are adressed during the budget exercise.
Our approach
Our added value comes from a large experience of the internet budgets, and their long-term follow-up. An analytical approach based on a deep understanding of the strategic vision of the company.
Our consultants help you to realize budgetary estimations, to define the priorities and to reduce the costs by the challenge of the operational hypotheses.

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