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Entrepreneurial world is often criticized for its opposition to change, its vertical and linear management. Nevertheless, the company is one of the main actors of the innovation. As regards development of the creativity, the art would have to teach the company a lot. Make of the company a work of art: a work of art in its organization, by federating its teams by team buildings and other collective workshops (design thinking etc.) to stimulate the creativity in a company. But also a work of art in its communication, by creating around the brand image, a real artistic, esthetic and visual universe.

The creativity it is in fact to recombine conscious and unconscious resources to produce something unpublished, in a particular way. So, to produce something unpublished, to invent, to give free hands to its creativity, you have to ” to think out of the box “, that is to let yourself get thoughts outside the reference frame and to run your divergent thought by letting emerge the present thoughts unconsciously.


Our approach allows to develop the creativity of your collaborators on the problems of your company, with creative workshops in our innovation lab. We associate coaches, creative people, experts in communication.



The design thinking is an approach centered on the human experience, leading to the innovation: outcome of the practices of the designer, it integrates needs and sensations of the customers, the possibilities offered by the technology and the conditions for the success. We help you in the integration of the design thinking in your projects, by placing the customers uses in the center of the design, and by the transmission of methodological tools through their experiment.

Focus on users’ experiences, especially their emotional ones. The focus on great experiences isn’t limited to product designers, marketers, and strategists- it infuses every customer-facing function.
Create models to examine complex problems. Design thinking, first used to make physical objects, is increasingly being applied to complex, intangible issues, such as how a customer experiences a service.
In design-centric organizations, you’ll typically see prototypes of new ideas, new products, and new services scattered throughout offices and meeting rooms. Whereas diagrams such as customer journey maps explore the problem space, prototypes explore the solution space.
A design culture is nurturing. It doesn’t encourage failure, but the iterative nature of the design process recognizes that it’s rare to get things right the first time.

Inventing is thinking out of the box - Albert Einstein

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