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We are at the same time experts in the field of the new technologies and of the computing (IT development, cybersecurity, big data) but also experts of the innovation and the communication. This global approach allows us to realize your digital custom-made transformation, and to envisage the main technology solutions of the market. A single partner for more reactivity and coherence, a global vision, reduced costs (offshore capacities) and mastered deadlines.

We gather architects, developers, UX / UI designers, auditors and ” ethical hackers ” experimented in a state-of-the-art technological environment. We gathered a strong experience both in the IT development and cybersecurity.

Whether you need to build your Web site, or to develop your application base, or make sure of the level of safety of your application / information system, we accompany you to make a success of your digital transformation. Followers of the Agile mode, we adapt ourselves to your needs in a reactive way.


Our Services

A complete and evolutive IT development center

Contract Project Management
Our operational consultants have a significant experience in the management of the projects. We also bring tools and agile methodologies to guarantee a useful project, delivered in the budget and the deadline. If you wish, we make sure of the project ACA according to a methodology elaborated with our centers of development, to win in efficiency. We train your teams in the agile methods on request, to guarantee their autonomy after the project phase. We propose a custom-made assistance.
Your web site, your web or mobile application
Our WordPress experts make every effort to deliver you the Web site you need. For applications, a shared services center mastering for 21 years a wide spectre of IT languages (Java, Python, JS, C, C ++.Net, Ruby) and the popular frameworks (AngularJS, NodeJS, ReactJS, Django, Spring, Struts) is at your disposal. We put our architects and developers in your service to build your application with technologies you master and/or you wish to invest in.
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Cybersecurity and code audit
The impact of the bad practices of coding is often underestimated: Bluetree proposes to audit manually your source code to reveal the bad practices of your developers and potential weaknesses resulting from it. Need to know the level of safety of your application, your infrastructure? Ask our ``Ethical Hackers`` to test for you their resistance. Reveal before the pirates security flaws being able to damage your company. At Bluetree, we make every effort to protect your data.
+ Cybersecurity
IA and Big data
The volume of data to be stored and handled increased in a exponential way these last years. To face these constraints, Bluetree offers you its expertise in the field of Big Data. Our engineers are broken to the last technologies: Hadoop, Cassandra, MongoDB, CouchDB, ElasticSearch, Spark, or even Kafka. As regards Artificial intelligence, our experts accompany you for a structured approach, enabling at the same time the management of human issues, technical/computing tools and statistics/algorithmics methods.
+ Big data AI

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