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A stake often neglected, due to the lack of budget or time of the development teams, is the security of their developments. Indeed, the lack of safety can have considerable impacts on the image and the viability of a company. There are many examples of computing attacks of big scales having taken place these last years. Bluetree is committed to improve the level of safety(security) of your software and my at your disposal experts safety(security) to study and strengthen the level of security) offered by your applications. Whether it is at the end of project or throughout its life, Bluetree operates all the means to protect you from the last threats and the leakage of your data.

sécurité digitale - digital security
Quality Assurance
Any IT project, and more specifically, any development project inevitably has to come along with a strategy of tests to make sure of the coherence and the integrity of the software. At,Bluetree, we help you to set up your unit tests, integration tests, component tests, your system tests or still your tests of acceptance/non regression. Thanks to our engineers QA, we are able to raise the quality level of your application to assure you a delivery without any problems. Thanks to this approach, the productivity and quality levels of your engineers are also improved.
Code Audit
Bluetree experts have been strengthening for several years their expertise regarding audit of source code. Able to intervene on most of the IT languages, Bluetree analyzes the production of your developers and strives to detect any weakness or bad practice of development. Building a long-term approach, Bluetree also accompanies you in the training of your developers.
Penetration Testing
To enrich its security offer, Bluetree gathered the best `` ethical hackers ``to test the security of your applications and/or IS. These pirates use the same tools and methods as hostile counterparts and try to exploit all the weaknesses to alter the behavior of the software, seize servers or still to leak your critical data. Once audit is done, Bluetree supports you to secure your application or IS to protect you from any attack.
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