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Innovation and you ?

Some questions to assess your level of innovation:

  • Do you consider that growth through innovation is crucial for your company and do you follow it with indicators ?
  • Do you invest in a coherent portfolio of projects (timing, risks, ROI) with resources enabling their success ?
  • Do you have the market insight, the business or the technologies leading to interesting value propositions ?
  • Do you create new business models, generating scalables and sustainable profits ?
  • Do you innovate faster and more effectively than your competitors ?
  • Do you innovate in the good scale, on the right markets and segments of clientele ?
  • Do you use a network to innovate and capitalize on external resources ?
  • Are your collaborators motivated, financially interested and organised to produce innovation ?




Innovation management - Gestion de l'innovation - innovation audit - audit innovation - innovation

Innovation management

The management of innovation is complex matter: ultra fast cycles, important hazards on the technologies, risks on the market. We bring a deep experience in the field of the digital innovation with a set of adapted tools: creative workshops, labs, IA and prototyping experts, partnerships within start-ups ecosystem.

Determine how to make of Internet a major competitive advantage, identify the impacts at the value proposition and the marketing mix, distinguish the structuring innovations and the real weak signals, select projects which maximize the customers impact, adapt the organization.
The capacity to innovate became, with the digital economy, a factor of survival. Disruptive, the innovation allows the emergence of new business models. The innovation requires to reassess the values and the know-how of the company. The constraints are numerous (financial capacities, competition against existing activities) in an uncertain environment.
Our approach
Bluetree supports its customers in their creative processes for innovation, with methodologies applied in the ecosystem of start-ups. We help you to identify the opportunities of innovation, to qualify the potential of the new ideas or the opportunities of the detected weak signals, to implement these ideas.
We audit your level of innovation and support your initiative according to a proven methodology (assess, define, challenge, build, run). We help you from the project framing to the run: definition of the offer, selection of partners, model and marketing business mix, low-cost tests and pivots, customer routes and interface Web/Mobile, setup of run KPIs.

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