Social networks strategy

Reputation - visibility - customers loyalty

Presence and design approach

To organize effectively its social presence,from study of opportunity to implementation of the monitoring, became a must. Moreover, with the digital, customer routes are complicated. The optimization of these routes is major issue related to the design thinking.

Social networks strategy

The generalized presence of actors (customers, influencers, providers) on the social networks leads to set up a coherent strategy. We help our customers to organize effectively their social presence, from opportunity study to the implementation of the monitoring.

In the same way as corporate sites, the social networks have to be part of the digital ecosystem of a company. They may lead however to some operational issues.


The levers of development of customer loyalty pass now firstly through digital means, either by a classic customer oriented approach, or the establishment of a relational program, or the adoption of a customer design approach.

Consistency of the multi-channel customer route, relevance of the strategy for customer loyalty, focus of the efforts towards the best targets, life cycle customer, choice of tools (open source, cloud computing), customers data management.
The new channels of sales and communication (Web, mobile, terminals) modified the customer experience. It is necessary to innovate quickly to develop loyalty of a customer who benefits, thanks to the e-commerce, from new options.
Our approach
We process according to the following stages: analysis of the customer expectations (focus group, individual meetings …), related business strategic plan, multi-channel customer route, life cycle, choice of tools and information systems architecture, customer 360 ° card.
From a detailed analysis of the various segments customers, we help you in the formalization of the relational program channel by channel, the redefinition of the contents.

Few questions ...

  • Do you propose a fluid and coherent multi-channel experience, with a unified 360 ° vision of the customer ?
  • Is your offer relevant (right target, time to market) ?
  • Is the commercial solicitation measured ?
  • Do you collect relevant information at each stage of the customer route without redundancy ?
  • How do you assess quickly the customer value ?


Organize efficiently your social presence, from opportunity study to run monitoring.

Objectives for social media usage (communicate, sell, develop the customer service), motivation factors to develop a community, networks to be chosen, messages, organization and process, animation of communities, synergies between the CRM and the databases from the social networks.
The social networks transform in depth the way companies interact with their interlocutors (customers, influencers). The customers speak from now on, to share their experience or to call out the brands: opportunities or threats.
Our approach
Our process is according to the following stages: assessment of the presence of the brand and the competitors, the stakes (marketing, customer service, sales forces, and communication), action plan per target, setup of measurement tools, adaption of the organization and the operational processes.
Our study can lead, for example, to the creation of specific pages on social networks, to get a conversation with unreached public, charters of process of communication, or the management of relevant affluent communities.

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