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Identifying talents ?

Decide between internal applications, estimate not operated skills, detect potentials, decide on a promotion, on a functional mobility, on a managerial post take up or also build a personalized development program of the talents: companies need a realistic and exhaustive vision of the skills of their collaborators.

Yet the decisions of recruitment, mobility and the identification of the potentials are sometimes made on a partial vision of the adequacy man / post, and become harmful for the organization in term of costs and risks, and demotivating for the people who can perceive it as unfair.

Our solutions

  • The approach of evaluation and of assessment aims at accompanying, at objectifying the decisions and at reassuring post take up by giving a realistic visibility of the skills of the individuals. Besides, it is a key stage of the identification of the potential.
  • Today the digital transformation comprehensive skills are often necessary for the evolution of the talents.
  • Our team “Assessment Center and Development Center” allows to optimize the objectivity, the validity and the reliability of the evaluation of the skills. The identification of assets and areas of improvement indeed allows to build a development plan, via training, mentoring, a mobility plan, or coaching.
talents - développement des talents - talents development


The pillar of Assessment is the semi-directive interview, led by trained and expert consultants in evaluation. Beyond the interview, we build the approach with you in a modular way, according to the context of the evaluation, the candidate, the targets of the initiative.

Trained and expert consultants in talents assessment.
Personality, values, centers of interests : MBTI, SOSIE, Golden, Motiva, 360° Feed back
Situation scenarios: role-playing games, case studies, tests in basket, interaction of group
Aptitude tests, analysis : R2000, verify ...


The innovation is at the same time a great opportunity and a challenge which involves all the collaborators of an organization. Thus it requires the development of specific talents such as: managing the paradoxes, tolerating the uncertainty, managing the generation X, Y and Z, developping rare combinations of rare talents, developping the collective intelligence. We propose you the most relevant approaches according to your needs: individual or team coaching, team building, digital business trainings.

Individual or team coaching
Personal flexibility - interpersonal, intercultural and cross-cultural communication - Know how to detect the weak signals - from motivation to commitment - setting a culture of the change -becoming a designer leader
Team building
In a changing environment, the cohesion of team is not any more to align the collaborators on a strategy decided by the top management. It has to develop at the same time the collective intelligence and the creativity of each one. We propose you adapted team building workshops.
We propose you trainings associated with your digital project, built with you with interactive tools, in the intersection of the digital transformation and your business.

Talent can't be taught, but it can be awakened - Wallace Stegner

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