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Our digital experts train you in agile methodologies.

New stakes means new approaches. The agile methods revolutionized the project management by allowing to reconcile operational excellence, budget and time-to-market. Bluetree experts have from now on an experience of more than 8 years in their implementation, within diversified environments.


  • How to assure a competitive « time-to-market » especially in front of pure players competitors ?
  • How to have quickly a functional tool?
  • How to keep a control on a risky technical project?
  • How to avoid the surprises during the final delivery of the works?


We notice that more than an IT project on two ends by a significant budgetary gap and that the objectives fixed at start are often only partially reached. These unsatisfactory issues have several causes :
  1. A heavy documentation which nevertheless does not avoid the misunderstandings between business and computing people
  2. A significant cost of coordination and time consuming project processes
  3. A reactivity generally too low, in particular as regards the management of the evolutions
  4. A distance between business teams and computing ones, which does not allow a good fine-tune of look and feel
  5. A delay for delivery sometimes so long that deliverable is outdated when available
The agile methods such as the SCRUM bring solutions to these problems. They require however the follow-up of an adapted methodology, to secure the project and the contractual aspects with the possible providers.

Our Approach

Bluetree is widely committed in the application of the Agile methods. We think these methods may apply not only to the IT or Web developments, but also to all the corporate development plans, even the most functional.


Our consultants and project managers are trained in the specificities of the projects and the agile methodologies. They are used to working in a concern of optimization of productivity and quality, by iterations called Sprint. This organization of the work allows you an optimal follow-up as well as a guarantee of reactivity for your demands and hazards inherent to life of the project.

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